How do they get away with it?

Imagine you are being beaten and kicked and abused -you are begging for mercy. Imagine  your good friend going through that. Or  it’s your favorite son/daughter/father going through that. Eritreans (living in Eritrea) have no need to imagine, they can just remember instead.

The sad fact is, some Eritreans do see some fairness in the way Eritrea is administered. The government has effectively managed to indoctrinate a good portion of the population into “accepting what they don’t see, and denying what they hear and see.”

The Eritrean government has mastered one trick. They infuse the facts slowly and silently that when the people finally  have facts, they have lost the emotion the fact should obviously have triggered. On many instances, the government somehow manages to effectively decouple the peoples ability to recognize  the facts from experiencing the associated emotion.

"Doublethink" means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.(George Orwell)

Eritreans, just like everyone, have emotions of course. They feel anger and sense of injustice if a neighbor abuses them or their families. They feel sad, or even angry, against the U.S.  burning the Holy Koran or killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan for no reason.

Yet the Eritrean people know about the burning of many more Holy books by their government, in their own home country. They know much more than 16 Eritreans killed for no reason. The difference is, they do not feel anger.

In using the words “anger”, “emotion” I don’t mean sudden burst of emotion but contemplated deep feelings. Even disgust at the abuse and injustice. Some thing like how one many feel about the Mengistu Hailemariam’s cruel regime.

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