We are the 99%

History of the 99%. Eritreans protest in Israel (2009)

It matters very little what evil people ARE doing compared to what the good people ARE NOT doing. As the common quote goes “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Eritrea has many good men/women, but most do not actively (or even passively) oppose the current government. One major reason is  the lack of organization. Most Eritreans lack faith in the already existing opposition parties and civic organizations to bring change. People will not invest a anything if they do not believe there is a chance of success. On the other hand people will risk all if they believe what they are doing is going to bring change. In this regard, history is not on the side of Eritrean opposition. So far, history has proven to us that involving with the Eritrean opposition yields no-thing. Nothing at least that the average Eritrean can feel. When it comes to investing in the Eritrean opposition, the risk simply isn’t worth the benefit. Or so it seems for many good Eritreans.

But one thing puzzles me. Most people I met know exactly what they should not do, and with whom they do not want to get involved with. If you have reached to this level of mature thinking, the next step is to decide what you should  do and with whom you should involve. Good luck.

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