Big emotions don’t come from big words: The complex language of Eritrean medias

At times, language is a decorative art where you show your skills. At other times, language simply is a tool. A tool to transfer your message.

When the purpose of the writing is  to transfer ideas from your brain to others, Language has to be more of a tool and less of an art (unless its a poem).

I am worried that many articles and statements produced by many Eritrean dissidents are not easy to understand. I have great respect for Eritreans that spend time and effort writing pages and pages of articles. But a lot of times the language is filled with advanced grammar and fancy vocabulary.

Delivery of message, in my opinion, is a serious problem in many Eritrean movements.

It is tempting to use long and difficult words when trying to communicate deeply with audience. This does not help at all. The writer Ernest Hemingway puts it, “Big emotions don’t come from big words.” Big emotions come from clearly communicated idea. Ideas delivered using short and simple text. The same also applies to video and recorded media, such as radio or internet videos.

Lets make it a challenge to express the most using the simplest words.

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