EYSC Facebook digest

The Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change, With their bold demands of: (1) DIA must leave office, (2) Free political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and, (3) End the servitude known as the Warsai-Yekalo campaign; have attracted over 12,000 members to their Facebook page, all passionately discussing Eritrea’s past, present and most importantly future. Indeed the EYSC and other similar activist Facebook groups have become the universal place on the internet for many concerned Eritreans.

Facebook has become the site of choice for many activists who do not have the natural options of convening or discussing in their country. But the convenience of Facebook comes at some cost, for example it is hard to keep track of important posts and discussions from the less important ones, furthermore there is no sure way of locating a post for future reference, and no way of archiving. There is also no way for a moderator to refer or link a post to another, so you often end up seeing the same question being asked and same argument ensuing every month by a new member.

An excellent post and discussion can appear and fade away pretty quick in such environment. In light of this, I have decided to hand-pick interesting discussions form Eritrean activist Facebook groups like EYSC’s groups and present a digest.

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