Please sign the petition to “Release prisoners of faith”

Release prisoners of faith!

The persecution of Religion in Eritrea by the government is nothing new. The biggest Christian denomination in Eritrea, the Orthodox Church, describes the condition of Christians in the country as “pathetic” and condition of the church as “dying” in a document they published this January titled ‘The Detained Patriarch, Persecuted Christians and a Dying Church’. The Orthodox Church claim their objective for publishing it was to “shed some light into the pathetic conditions of Christians in Eritrea, which requires high volume of international attention and help” . In a 2002 Pastoral letter, the Catholic Bishops of Eritrea, the second biggest denomination in the country, describe the government’s hostility towards religion in general and Christianity in particular as nothing but intentional: “The principles of faith and fear of the Lord, the real foundation of our culture, have been painted over [by government] intentionally.” The Bishops talk of worrying conditions the Eritrean legal and justice system is in: “In our courts and legal system this malaise is even more evident. There is an avalanche of complaint.” the letter continues to say, “[the government’s] excuse of the lack of properly prepared personnel wears rather thin after ten years with little visible progress having been made.”  In Eritrea 2,000-3,000 Christians are imprisoned without trial or charge. “Christians are seen as a threat and unpatriotic because their highest allegiance is to God” the Christian Solidarity Worldwide explains.

The government goes to great length to make sure that this fact does not come to light in the international community. I ask everyone to please sign this petition along with honest prayer that this will not be just another petition, but that will trouble the hearts of its readers to do something about it. God bless.

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