e-Book: Romanticizing Ghedli

“the whole nation is targeted as dispensable material for its sustenance… when [the revolution] started, it was to serve the nation; by the end, the nation is made to serve the revolution.” – Yosief G.

Click image to download PDF

Click image to download PDF


I decided to share it in an e-book format (with permission from the author, of course) with the hope to reach a wider audience, and also with the hope it will be easier to print or keep in a collection.

I remember when this article by Yosief Ghebrehiwet first got my attention. I was still in Eritrea under the claws of the beast. This article was passed on to me ‘under-the-table’ with great discretion by a friend (now safely in Europe). It had created an unforgettable impact and was the subject of discussion for a long time among my friends then. Reading this article recently, I was reminded how enlightening its message is. A must read article!

Below is an excerpt, and a reason why everyone should read. [Note that “Shaebia” is a common name that refers to the ruling party, formerly EPLF and now PFDJ].

“Shaebias disrespect for the Eritrean masses has no parallel in history; it neither discriminates nor knows any limits. There is not a single population group that has been spared from its contempt. All that one needs to do is compare its acts with those of previous government to see the alien nature of Shaebia.

“…It holds all religions in Eritrea in utter contempt. It stops at nothing in order to bring the main religions under its control, bans all minority religions and imprisons thousands of their followers, demotes and arrests the Coptic Patriarch and even conducts “giffa” [conscription by abduction] of priests and deacons in monasteries. To see the extent of contempt that Shaebia has for the Coptic Church all that you have to ask yourself is when was the last time the last two incidents ever happened to the Church. Neither Haile Selassie nor Menghistu ever contemplated it. And when it comes to the forceful recruiting of priests into the army, it never occurred in the 1,700 history of the Church in the region!

“… Now think of all the trauma the Warsai [young] generation has been subjected to: the deliberate destruction of the educational system; more than a decade of slavery (which includes the sexual slavery of many women); a senseless war that killed tens of thousands and maimed more; an exodus of epic proportion, one that has emptied the land of its youth; etc. And to add salt to injury, their parents have been subjected to unheard of cruelties for acts committed by their adult sons and daughters.

“Again, to assess the extent of contempt that Shaebia shows for the youth of the nation, ask these questions: When was the last time you heard a nation dismantling the only university it has ever had in order to contain its youth? When was the last time the Eritrean parents had been subjected to such atrocity? When tens of thousands of the youth flocked to mieda [to join armed rebels], neither the Haile Selassie government nor Derg ever arrested or penalized their parents. Only an alien entity like Shaebia that has no values whatsoever would ever entertain to take such steps.”

Note: I know this article is not kind on “Jebha”. Although I find this article’s analysis of the Eritrean civil war convincing, I personally shy away from Jebha-Shaebia arguments because, (a) I don’t have enough knowledge on that topic, and (b) it is often too emotionally charged.

3 thoughts on “e-Book: Romanticizing Ghedli

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  2. I remember also the days I read this article sharing by the same person in 2008. Even-though my political motives were growing exponentially at that time, the title of this article, “Romanticizing the Gedli” left a footnote in my conscious mind and left me with a further search on truth behind shabia’s curtail.

    Good to see it also here.


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