Eritrea without “Western” electric power

Asmara’s electric outage goes from bad to worst. The last few weeks residents of the city are getting only 0-2 hours of electricity per day. God knows how our mothers are going to cook local bread Injera. But above all perhaps, one thing notable in the city is how people are struggling to keep their mobiles alive. Mobiles are a life line in Eritrea. Most Eritreans have a mobile based economy where they have to call family abroad for food money. The worst thing about this outage is the fact that the few hours electricity they get can come at any time; the residents have given up hope trying to figure out the pattern.

One can imagine what President Isaias’ generic response would be had his government cared to comment on this city wide (most likely also nation wide) power outage: “Where are the evidences?”

"ሓደጋ ወዝቢ'ዩ: መቐነት ተዓጠቕ!" ዝብል ዝነበረ ሎሚ: "ሞባይል ቻርጀር ተዓጠቕ" እንተበልናዮ ንህዝብና ዝያዳ ትርጉም ይህልዎ::

“ሓደጋ ወዝቢ’ዩ: መቐነት ተዓጠቕ!” ዝብል ዝነበረ ሎሚ: “ሞባይል ቻርጀር ተዓጠቕ” እንተበልናዮ ንህዝብና ዝያዳ ትርጉም ይህልዎ::

Life in Asmara today

It has been almost two weeks since there has been any electricity supply in Asmara and those who have no access to generators are in the dark.

Their mobile phones are dead too… [read Martin Plaut’s blog, click the link below]

Eritrea: back to the dark ages.

4 thoughts on “Eritrea without “Western” electric power

    • One way or another the CIA are to blame. They are behind this false story until the government admits its true some time December, then the CIA are behind the power outage not the story. Just like how the government handled Eritrean refugee crisis, Human trafficking and Sinai.


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