Eritrean evangelical Christians are criminals.

Along with Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Bahai, some Moslem groups and the Orthodox Patriarch; Eritrea’s evangelicals are criminals. Let me list some of the crimes routinely committed by you — “Christian”:

By deciding  to practice your faith and attend outlawed congregations you routinely break the ‘law’–that explains why every-time you congregate you look over your shoulders and hide from the ‘law’ like a criminal. But you are a criminal!

Every time you accept money from your family abroad, you commit a crime by accepting smuggled money; for the government has outlawed foreign currency exchange.

If you decide Eritrean law is not for you and decide to leave the country, you are a criminal trying to abscond your national duty of indefinite conscription. Even worst you are a criminal crossing Eritrea’s national borders in hiding like a criminal (and you are a criminal!).

That time when your loved-one told you he is planning to flee the country and you prayed he would make it safely: you are a criminal for not reporting  him to the authorities but in fact aiding a criminal.

When your loved-one was imprisoned for attending prayer meeting and you begged your Lt. Colonel uncle to help free her. You are a disgusting criminal employing corruption to break the nations laws.

Once out of Eritrea you routinely bribe Sudanese or Kenyan officials to get papers and avoid being deported back. Unashamed to carry-on your criminal activities in foreign nations.

Eventually you seek asylum abroad due to political and religious persecution, but this is perjury and treason according to Eritrean government. A crime!

Many Christians (especially Evangelical Christians) are confused as to how to participate in Eritrean affairs. Many are not sure if they can reconcile dissidence with their faith. As a result many of the devout have decided to stay clear of Eritrean ‘politics’.

For instance; in-order to address the unbearable assaults from the regime many choose politically ‘neutral’ solutions. But any activity we do to help ourselves or our loved-ones can’t be politically neutral. Not in the current Eritrea anyway.

7 thoughts on “Eritrean evangelical Christians are criminals.

  1. Is this YOUR opinion or of the yehovah’s witnesses ,the orthodox patriach and muslims? I am a little confused because in this short blog as you leave out the very bottom of the comment section, you say your a Christian, and u quote a verse from the Bible, and here u go against them, and say that christians are criminals (?)

    Sorry if I’m wrong, Samuel. No disrespect!


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      In this blog I am trying to bringing to light the naked reality of Evangelicals in Eritrea. They are criminals according to the law of the land, period.

      But as you see, the things that are criminalized in Eritrea just amount to “life”..


  2. Great post Sami. Well done and an awakening to those who are not able to defend themselves assuming that the shield available is enough by itself to call for a change. quite simple to meditate on this article.



  3. I think your assumption on many evangelicals, who choose to be neutral as a result of confusion is wrong… May be they believe that what Eritrea really needs is something/someone that conveys healing, Unity, integrity… but not dissidents. Our people have agonized a lot. We need light to make us bright. I don’t understand how you defined being neutral. What do you mean when you say Neutral? Is it because they don’t write insults towards the government, or encourage rebellion? Do you think that they don’t care about Eritrean politics? They have other means of addressing Eritrean Issue. It is obvious that what is happening is undeniably ugly and painful. Throwing stones on anyone or any denomination can’t help our people. Articles/posts based on assumption and emotions can do nothing, right? May God be merciful to all of us and heal the wounds of our people soon.


    • Dear Mehari,
      My assumption on Eritrean evangelicals comes from my own life experience, my own confusion and from many discussions and arguments I had with Eritreans.

      Being dissident does not mean endorsing a certain group. Calling a barbaric government barbaric is dissidence. And no I don’t measure neutrality by lack of insults. Amidst such brutality by the government, God forbid Christians loose their politeness 🙂

      If you have time please read the following short blog.



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