Meaza Petros Solomon is 16 year-old. Both her parents have been detained incommunicado for over ten years.

She hasn’t heard from them ever since: never saw them or heard their voice. She doesn’t know where they are being held or the conditions they are being held. She doesn’t even know if her father is aware of his wife’s arrest. Like everyone else, she also doesn’t know any thing.

In an event attended by the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Eritrean human rights, and representatives of various human rights and UN organizations, Meaza Petros gave a moving testimony.

Her father, Petros Solomon, was a top government official, formerly a senior commander of the insurgency that won Eritrean independence from Ethiopia in 1991, he was the Minister of Maritime Resources the time of his arrest in 2001.

He was arrested because he and 14 other officials called for democratic reform in government. Of course, since he was never charged with anything or his arrest officially confirmed by government, we can only speculate.

Her mother, Aster Yohannes was studying abroad when her husband was arrested. She decided to come back to Eritrea to her family, much like her husband she was disappeared as soon as her plane landed Eritrea in 2003.

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