“Concentration camps of Israel” – Eritrean President

Explaining the undesirable nature of becoming an immigrant, President Isaias Afewerki mentioned Israel to emphasize the objectionable life Eritrean refugees experience.

He said Eritreans are languishing in Israel’s refugee camps, which he quickly paraphrased “Concentration camps”, to quote the President’s exact words: “When you consider the life of those in camps, concentration camps, of Israel you can’t even say there is anything worst or more horrific than that.”

Regarding other Eritrean refugee destinations he said. “even in other cities, European cities, you can’t say [Eritreans] are having any life that has much meaning”

The President said that the country has suffered absolutely no set backs due to citizens leaving the country. The only damage, he explained, is to these individuals themselves. He repeatedly pleaded Eritreans to return, “for your own sake, please return to your country.”

In an effort to discourage those planning to flee the country, the President challenged youth not to be shortsighted and instead to, “think in-terms of where you’ll be in five or six years time”. “The things you are loosing today” he remarked, “you can’t gain back tomorrow.”

He advised the youth not to succumb to trivial thinking such as, “I don’t have enough salary, or I don’t have any salary; I don’t have this and that; my family are going through this or that; my mother is suffering because of this or that, … and I’ll go abroad and send her money.”

The interview was conducted by the State media (the only media in the country) on the occasion of “Fenkil” military victory commemoration (February 10, 1990).

“When you consider the life of those in camps, concentration camps, of Israel you can’t even say there is anything worst or more horrific than that.” ~Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, February 2014

{This post quoted at The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz Newspapers}

12 thoughts on ““Concentration camps of Israel” – Eritrean President

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  2. Dear fithi n Hizbey….
    aytibke endiyu zebkiyeni zelo : you believe EPLF brought us freedom !!! i am sorry to say it: any sensible person doesn’t say or believe eplf brought us freedom . May be the trees , rivers , valleys , mountains ect are enjoying the freedom u are claiming


  3. @tesfazghi tewelde— dont confuse the great H.G.HA.E with HGDF … hzbawi gmbar fought for its ppl but hgdf fighting its ppl …. ghedli didnt bring us problem .. ghedli brought us freedom … but maybe you are from the other side. let me show u the difference … HGDF= mafia grupp … H.G.HA.E = jgna hizbi ertra


  4. he is lying to us what we we know 100% . imagine how much they deceived us about Ghedli , an even that took place when we were young or unborn. This criminal is the product of Ghedli . what Ghedli brought to us is misery and criminals


  5. It makes me so sad for our people to look at that picture I just want to cry. He is so out of it and very sick man. Unfortunately, he definitely lacks the character and leadership one is required to see any leader possess. Sickening!


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