Ten tips on how to write a successful blog


These are suggestions I wrote up for a group of Sudanese who want to run their own blogs. I thought I would share them, in case they have a wider use.

All the examples are Sudanese, but you can swap them for examples that fit your circumstances!


Ten tips on how to write a successful Sudanese blog trainingblog

  1. Your audience: This is the key question. Who are you aiming your blog at? Who do you want to reach? It is vital that you write everything with this in mind. So, for example, a general British audience would need a map in most stories to locate Darfur or South Kordofan. An African audience would also need one. A Sudanese audience would not. But any Sudanese might find a map helpful to locate a particular village. You can use this test with any piece of information you include in the story.
  2. News

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