Eritrea: Human Rights Watch 2014

Human Rights WatchEritrea: Human Rights Watch 2014

“Eritrea is among the most closed countries in the world; human rights conditions remain dismal….

Eritrea has no constitution, functioning legislature, independent judiciary, elections, independent press, or nongovernmental organizations; it does not hold elections. All power is concentrated in the hands of President Isaias Afewerki, in office since 1991.

… Eritrea conscripts all men and unmarried women into “national service.” … most conscripts serve for much of their working lives.

… Since mid-2012, all men in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are compelled to perform militia duty…

Thousands of ordinary citizens are arrested and incarcerated without charge, trial, or opportunity to appeal, and without access to family, lawyers, or independent prison monitoring organizations. While some are freed without explanation and warned not to speak about their detention, most prisoners remain in jail indefinitely.

… Since 2002, the government has jailed and physically abused citizens for practicing religions other than the four government-controlled or recognized religions.

… The government maintains a complete monopoly on domestic sources of information”