Eritrea according to the government


Oh, the things the Eritrean government would have us believe! The problem with lying is though, it is hard to be consistent.

Eritrean government propaganda are so outrageous that both, critics and supporters of the government often tune down or modify government propaganda in an effort to make the claims seem less insane.

Critics often  ‘moderate’ the government’s statements in order to make them reasonable enough to be critiqued (for the governmnet’s claims are silly beyond that possible to criticize).

For example, people (on both sides) often moderate the government’s claim about Eritrean refugees just so that they can have an intelligent argument about it. The actual stand of the government is, however, that there are no emigrants leaving Eritrea. Certainly not in numbers that would warrant a government response or even consideration. Even using the term “refugee” is inappropriate. The President and many of his officials have now and again explained: the very reason anyone would bring up “refugees” as an Eritrean issue is trying to defame “Eritrea” by bringing up irrelevant issues, or has fallen victim to the international conspiracy against Ertirea.

“What is the reason for the collapse of Eritrean economy? Failed government policy or foreign intervention ?” A topic that is often bitterly debated by both sides. But according to the government, Eritrea does not have such an economic issue to begin with. Infact all indications (published by the government) show a rapid, promising development. Just take a look at front page of Eritrean newspaper: Infrastructure, industry, agriculture, trade, the environment, anything really, all is well thanks to the government and people. Claiming that the government officially acknowledges the economic difficulty (let alone crisis) is simply inconsistent with all of what the government is officially claiming.

I think both, the supporters and the opposition should stop modifying and moderating government claims. Let the real image show.

Eritrea: the authorized version

Below are some random points that characterize Eritrea according to official claims by  the government.

  • Truly democratic: In fact the government repeatedly expresses disgust in African governments, we are not even in the same league to compare our democracy.
  • Perfect country: A growing country where the political system and the natural wealth is the envy of everyone in Africa and even in the so-called ‘developed’ world.
  • Perfect government: Rule of law and justice characterizes the political culture of the current government.
  • Perfect foreign policy: Eritrean foreign policy is characterized by its strong believe in peace, negotiation, mutual respect and honesty.
  • Perfect economic policy: Self-reliance and food security stand out bold in all economic policy and planning. Fairness and hard work are the trademark of Eritrean development policies.
  • Not secretive to its people: Transparency defines the past, the present, and the future practices of the government.
  • Warasi-Yikalo  campaign is saving the nation: The campaign was instituted only because it was (and still is) necessary  to ensure development and equity. Period.
  • The United States is “obsessed” with Eritrea: The reason we went to war with Ethiopia in 1997 was the work of the United States. They were worried because we were setting an example of development without foreign aid/intervention.
  • The United States is really obsessed with Eritrea: The so-called dissidents and opposition in diaspora are on CIA payroll. Why would they spread lies about Eritrea if that was not the case?
  •  The United States is really, really obsessed with Eritrea: The  ill rumor that President Isaias died was deliberately started by the United States government.

“The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits.” ― Albert Einstein

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